Matt’s Top Games of All Time: 10-1

We discussed my top 10 games of all time after counting down for several weeks back in February of 2022. At some point, posting the text list of my top games completely slipped my mind. So nearly 4 months later, here is the final list! I kept my comments short since we did a full episode going over the game. For detailed discussion on my final 10 picks, check out Episode 35 of History on the Table.

10. Next War Series

A very rewarding level of complexity with great gameplay and interesting conflict hypotheticals.

9. Advanced Squad Leader

As it will probably continue to stand, my favorite WW2 tactical game.

8. Stalingrad ’42: Southern Russia, June-December, 1942

My favorite in the ZOC Bond series from Mark Simonitch. Huge map with lots of interesting chrome.

7. A Feast for Odin

Maybe some strategies are more dominant than others but I love having the option to explore loads of different paths to victory.

6. Gaia Project

Planning and optimization are king. Largely multiplayer solitaire gameplay but a great model for exploring developing a plan and carrying it out the best you can.

5. Great Campaigns of the American Civil War (Series)

One of the best designed systems I’ve come across. Captures so much of what I want an ACW game to capture and does so without a ton of rules complexity.

4. Line of Battle (Series)

Splitting hairs with GCACW and Line of Battle does have some drawbacks (turn length) but as a whole experience LoB edges ahead.

3. Great Western Trail

Great all around euro design with different approaches to victory and game play that clips along a great place.

2. Fields of Arle

The best worker placement game I’ve played and I just love seeing the finished product after a session of play.

1. The U.S. Civil War

Was there ever any doubt?

That’s the list! What are your top 10 games of all time?

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