About Us

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History on the Table is a monthly podcast covering historical board games, books, RPGs, and other ever-changing interests of the hosts Matt Peterson and Richard Trippeer.

We share our opinions and thoughts on war games, books and other topics on a monthly basis. On a non-regular basis we record interviews with individuals from the historical gaming sphere called “Designers on the Mic”.

Matt Peterson – Host – @HistoryTablePod

Matt began regularly playing historical board games in 2016 but has been enjoying board games for far longer. Matt founded History on the Table with the mission of providing historical context to in-depth game reviews. Most of his board gaming happens at home with his wonderful wife and Matt hopes that expands to include his two daughters as they grow older. Matt is one of the founders of the Kansas City Historical Gaming Group and the Historical Board Game Awards. Tiki cocktails, hockey and RPGs are all fair topics for Matt to bring up on the show.

Richard Trippeer – Host – @trippeerjr

Rich’s wargaming journey began in the 80s playing Axis and Allies with his brother. He started the Saint Louis Historical Gaming Society in 2017 with an inaugural game of Here I Stand that has become an annual tradition. Outside of gaming, his major interests are singing barbershop music and bicycling. He also enjoys playing family games, particularly co-ops with his wife and daughters. He is a long time Saint Louis Blues fan, with all of the pain and pleasure goes with it.