Announcing the Historical Board Game Awards

2022 Historical Board Game Awards Fan Ballot – Vote through March 21, 2023.

We are very happy to announce that the annual Historical Board Game Awards are coming. The Historical Board Game Awards are annual awards for historical, wargame, and/or conflict simulation board games recognizing excellence in three relevant categories: the ‘Game of the Year’, the ‘Most Innovative Game Design’, and the ‘Anglo-Zanzibar Award’.

Initial Voting Committee will take place in January 2023 to determine category nominees and will be immediately followed by the public fan vote to determine the winners. The categories of the Historical Board Game Awards are as follows:
Game of the Year: The ‘Game of the Year’ awards outstanding performance in all board game fields and recognizes the game that delivers the best historical, war, or conflict game experience.
Most Innovative Game Design: The ‘Most Innovative Game Design’ is awarded to a game and design team to recognize excellence in creative and innovative game design.
Anglo-Zanzibar Award: The Anglo-Zanzibar war lasted between 38-45 minutes and is considered the shortest recorded war in history. The ‘Anglo-Zanzibar Award’ recognizes the best ‘small’ historical board game, including the following: magazine games, ‘lunchtime’ games, quick playing games, folio games, post card games, and other small format games.

For more details, including how the voting process will work, please review the Historical Board Game Awards FAQ.

WW3 Con debuts in Bellevue, WA, February 2023

A convention dedicated to wargaming the greatest war that never happened –
NATO and Warsaw Pact fighting it out.

First ever of its kind, WW3 Con features a collection of gamers and designers from around the world gaming the war that never happened. Six Days at an amazing venue (Hotel 116 in Bellevue, WA) that will give gamers the time and space to play their favorite WW3 monsters – NATO, Third World War, either of Thin Red Lines amazing series and so many others.

When: February 1-6, 2023
Where: Hotel 116 in Bellevue, WA
Details and Registration: WW3 Con Website