Write For Us

Interested in sharing your thoughts on war games? Love talking about miniature gaming? RPGs? Can’t get enough CCMF and need to get some thoughts off your chest?
Write for us!

As we roll out the new website for History on the Table, we are looking for contributors to our website who:
– Are passionate about historical gaming and related topics;
– Can contribute to the website by providing relevant articles; and
– Are familiar with WordPress

Whether you are interested in submitting posts to our website on a regular basis, or want to share a single/sporadic guest article, we’d love to hear from you.

If interested in providing regular content, please send an email to HistoryOnTheTable@gmail.com with a relevant writing sample. Please include answers to each of the following:

  • What is your favorite game of all time? Why?
  • What interests you about contributing to HistoryOnTheTable.com?
  • What type of articles are you most interested in writing? (We are looking for review, editorial, feature, and/or opinion pieces)
  • Are you familiar with WordPress?
  • How often would you like to contribute to the website?

If you are interested in submitting a one-off article, please send an e-mail to HistoryOnTheTable@gmail.com with details on the article you would like to provide together with a writing sample.

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